Loana Features
Loana's cutting-edge analytics dive deep into company and personal-level metrics. Compete against your team with performance breakdowns. Consistently know your close rate and similar statistics. Easily determine your biggest and lowest months.
Loana Analytics
Loana Leads
A streamlined workflow to swiftly create and document all information you need for every lead. You decide what info you want your company to collect for your leads by customizing your lead template. The options are addresses, employment history, pre-qualification questions, and standard 1003 declarations. Also, a built-in calculator does the math for you to easily provide an estimated monthly amount to your pre-qualified leads.
Loana's opportunities pipeline is where the magic happens. With a drag and a drop, your opportunity has now been moved to the next stage of the mortgage process. Dynamically filter your pipeline to rapidly search for opportunities that match your criteria. Short on time? No problem, use the quick actions to send a one-click email or edit the opp.
Loana Opportunities
Loana Refinance Journey
Refinance Journey
Want your customers to return to refinance with your company? Done. Through extensive research and data, Loana decides optimal points in time to contact each of your previous customers along their journey to refinance. With Loana you'll always be top of mind.
Looking for a solution to organize you and your team's to-do lists? Loana's Tasks are what you're looking for! Swiftly jot down the task and assign it to anyone on your team. You'll always be on top of your productivity game.
Loana Tasks
Loana Follow-ups
Have trouble keeping track of the last time you contacted a lead? Those days are in the past. You decide the custom intervals between each stage in your pipeline, and Loana's Follow-ups give you a gentle reminder when it's time to reach out again.
Loana's automations let you rest easy by working night and day for you. Grow your relationships with your customers by enabling the Birthdays Automation. On the go and need to quickly see what tasks you need to accomplish today? Great, Hello Loana SMS sends you a daily interactive text that includes your tasks and the number of follow-ups. Fine tune your messaging through Loana's Email Automations by crafting reusable email templates.
Loana Automations